At Academic Editorial, we provide the eye of the intelligent, discreet non-specialist. We will help you structure your manuscript and position your proposal in order to best communicate your book’s salability to prospective editors. Our past work with academic authors has shown that an investment in a good editor before manuscript submission can improve your book’s chance of acceptance at the press of your choice. For some clients, we have helped achieve the best possible placement. For others, we have helped to turn a rejection into an acceptance.

We work with authors who have received their contract and need help incorporating reviewer notes into a revision. We provide the careful, exacting focus that will catch grammatical problems and glitchy mistakes in a thorough copyedit. We also provide indexing services.

Academic life is tough and getting tougher.  Our job is to help make your job easier—without leaving a footprint.

Contact us. Tell us about your project. We will be happy to provide a sample of our work and pricing information.